We keep all the little things that inspire your wedding memories safe in our Wedding Capsule Box. From pictures of your wedding gowns and your wedding shoes to the flowers you held as you walked toward your love, there are so many tangible memories that we want to help you preserve.

This beautiful wooden square box featuring your engraved names comes with 50 pieces of 4R-sized print and a wooden USB flash drive of all your wedding images.

You can also use it as a home decorative box to store small keepsakes like your wedding accessories, dried flowers from your wedding bouquet or other sentimental wedding details.

Just as in previous generations, the family photo album could evoke nostalgic feelings; opening our Wedding Capsule Box and looking at your wedding items can be a time-shared with your children or grandchildren.

Store your priceless wedding mementos in our Wedding Capsule Box, which is uniquely yours.